What is a QR Memorial and why get one

QR codes link directly to your memorial page

QR codes link directly to your memorial site

QR is abbreviated from Quick Response Code. It is a type of a new generation of barcodes which you may have seen around in newspapers and on advertising. With a free to download reader you can use your smartphone to scan a QR code and link to a website or perform other functions.

Along with your QR memorial we provide you with a plaque which will have the QR code inscribed upon it. This can be attached to a gravestone or a memorial bench or personal place of memory for your loved one and will link to your memorial space here at alwaysremembered.org.

We find that the memorial page creates a lasting legacy for your loved one and the physical link of the QR code keeps their story alive and tells that story to new people.

The way technology moves will QR codes be irrelevant in 5 years?

We all know that technology moves quickly and at some point in the future QR code will become less relevant, although this is not likely in the near future. With this in mind we are already looking at new technology to ensure that your memorial is always remembered.

One thing which does not look to be moving is the internet and so you can be assured that your page at alwaysremembered.org will be around keeping your memories and telling the stories of your loved ones.