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Always Ben and Chris

Chris on the left and Ben playing on a windy looking beach

Always Remembered has it’s own story to tell. It is the trading name for Always Ben and Chris Ltd, a company set up by me, Benet McManus. I am the brother of Christopher McManus, the kidnapped man who was killed by his captors during an unsuccessful rescue attempt after 10 months as a hostage in Nigeria.


From the moment our lives changed in March 2012 we have been working towards leaving a legacy for Chris in our own lives.

Living with tragedy reminds us of the fragility of life and we do not want to waste a moment more. I would want Chris to be proud of me and of what I do in my life. That started with Always Ben and Chris.

We grew up as close as brothers can and as adults were friends, his career was successful whilst I was working for a charity earning peanuts and we talked often about working together and came up with any number of hair brained ideas to go into business together. The last time we spoke (via skype) he was arranging my CV to be seen by his boss with regards to a job opportunity working with him in Nigeria.

As a family we wanted a memorial site to tell his story which we could link to his gravestone and we were unable to find anything that fit the bill. I have learnt skills in designing this site and have coerced lots of help to fill the gaps and get this site up and running.

Ben and Chris celebrating a birthday with sister Justine

Ben and Chris celebrating a birthday with sister Justine

We now have the memorial we wanted for Chris, hopefully creating a memorial with Always Remembered can help you to tell the story of your lost loved one and take a step towards moving forwards with your life and enjoying the memories you had together.


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