Online memorials

At Always Remembered we are passionate about telling stories of our loved ones who we have lost.

We provide online memorials which enable families who have suffered a devastating loss to create their own customised tribute to their loved one.

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Telling stories is a natural way for us to remember the best in those we have lost.

Our sites are simple to set up and fully customisable via a easy to use interface. Click the below example to have a look round one of our online memorials.

Online memorials - Example

You can trial an online memorial for 3 months completely free of charge by clicking here.

QR codes link directly to your online memorial page

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We are driven by new technology and through QR code we allow you to have a more interactive experience with your QR memorial page linking to a plaque which can be placed on a gravestone, a park bench or another personal memory space. This can be scanned with a smartphone which will link the user to your website telling your loved one’s story to someone new.

Our plaques are all made using high quality materials to ensure that they are hard wearing and resistant to weathering over long periods. Choose from Acrylic, Brass or Stainless Steel. Standard plaques start at £120 which include the online memorial which will be hosted at Always Remembered for life.

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Now the story of you loved one can be told in their favourite park, at a tree planted in their memory, at a room dedicated to them or anywhere you can place a QR code