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71 thoughts on “Leave a Tribute

  1. Karen Sykes says:

    It’ll be five years tomorrow since I heard the tragic news that you were gone….that feeling comes back this time every year – just like the great memories of good times out in Oldham or Stu’s BBQs, which I prefer to think about more often with a smile. May the music keep playing and the beer keep flowing as we remember you Mac. G. Randolf — ‘ Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget.’ I’ll raise my glass to you tomorrow mate xox

  2. Benet says:

    Happy birthday Chris.

  3. Cath Rafferty says:

    Had my ham sandwich and packet of crisps and thought of you. Rest in Peace Chris, never forgotten xx

  4. Jamie says:

    I may have forgotten to have a vodka-orange for you, Chris.. But I haven’t forgotten all the great memories at the various family parties.

    Have one on me, pal!

  5. Jacqui Wright says:

    Hope you`re ok…wherever you are.It was a privelage to know you Chris.Xx

  6. Michael Costello says:

    Ok …..so spent two hours thinking about what to write now and still not got anywhere. Chris would have told me to get on with it and watch the last of match of the day.

    I miss the gentleness and warmth of my happy little cousin Chris. He was one of the few people in life that could instantly make you feel welcomed and loved – a well developed skill in the McManus household!

    Well the little cousin grew in to a well loved grown up that made a difference to people’s lives and left memories that will never be forgotten.

    Rest in peace Chris. Love Michael Charles, Caroline, Leila and Charlie x

  7. Harris/Ainsley clan says:

    Wishing your whole family lots of love and hugs today. I didn’t know Chris but if his siblings are anything to go by he was one wonderful, lovely gentleman I’m sure! Love dan, damo & girls xxxx

  8. Uncle Joe & Claire says:

    Still thinking of you, dear Chris. Will always miss you. A Mass will be said for you tomorrow. xxx

  9. Auntie Frances says:

    Chris – Today, tomorrow and always, you are in my heart. Xxxx

  10. Justine McManus says:

    2 years may have passed but the love for you will not. Miss you so much, always will. Hope I’m making you proud. xxxx

  11. The Baylem family says:

    Chris you are always in our thoughts and hearts but especially so today. Love from The Baylem family. xxxxxxx

  12. Carly says:

    Love to you all x x

  13. Jo Wainhouse wells says:

    Where has that two years gone ? My love to everyone x x

  14. Alison says:

    Remembering the good times, the smiles and the laughter – a soul now free to live in our hearts forever ! Miss you Chris xxx

  15. Nicola Chambers says:

    You are in our thoughts every day, and today we remember even more and how blessed we are to have known you, shared your love, your laughter, and warmth. God bless you xxx

  16. Seán says:

    Remembering you, Chris, and a lot of happy childhood memories my friend. The last time we met you bought me a drink so this one’s on me.x

  17. Amy Cunningham says:

    Such a friendly funny genuine guy, from altar to drama and from the puck to school, it was an honour to have known you. Love and kisses to all your family so unfair xxxxx

  18. Joe Ryan says:

    Thinking of the good times with you today Chris. I miss you big time man.

  19. Ben Gibson says:

    Ss A&O’s Primary School Royton circa 1992. I remember having to sometimes remind you whilst playing football in the school yard that I was a ‘Ben’ as apposed to a ‘Benet’.#always remembered

  20. Shaun Birch says:

    I can not imagine how the McManus family will be feeling, but I do know that since this tragic event what this special family have done in remembrance of Chris has been inspirational. Chris was, like his family, a lovely person who I wound of liked to have known better. Chris would have been proud of how his family have honoured his name and looked after each other. Chris and the McManus family are all always in my thoughts. X

  21. Bernadette Ryan says:

    Will raise a glass and celebrate your life, eat yellow food and sausage rolls and talk about happier times. Love and miss you millions

  22. Karen Sykes says:

    As a writer, leaving you a message should come easier than this….but I don’t know how to start. Two years ago I learned on the lunchtime news what had happened to you and nothing can shock a person more than that. I don’t like to think back to that day, but rather think of the good times like having a beer or two in town, watching football round at your’s and Martin’s place and of course Stu’s BBQ’s – where we got so much beer once it filled the patio table. Let’s hope Latics can get a win for you and tomorrow night I’ll lift my glass to you mate xox

  23. Mum says:

    Two years Chrissie since we lost you, every day knowing you weren’t coming back, that you weren’t here anymore yet every day feeling that you are still here somewhere if only I could find you. The warmth and strength of your arms around me, the joy in your laughter, the light and twinkle in your eyes, the energy, promise and love that is still you cherished and remembered always.

  24. Ben says:

    Planning Jussie’s wedding brings home yet again how much you are still missed by us all.

  25. Elaine, Matt, Becks and Lou says:

    Always in our thoughts … xx

  26. Alice & John says:

    Chris loved the outdoors, a challenge & adventure. This summer we attempted the GR20 one of Europe’s toughest hikes. I’m sure if we’d mentioned it to Chris he’d have joined us; at least for part of it. We took with us the stitched cushion Justine had made from one of Chris’s shirts. It was attached to my rucksack and was constantly swinging into my face – to be honest being a bloody nuisance. We did however do it – so thank you Chris for enjoying the experience with us – John & Alice X

  27. Carol Moulton says:

    You are forever etched into the hearts and minds of so many, what a reflection of who you were and what you stood for. xx

  28. Claire Holroyd says:

    Many fond memories from our running days. A funny intelligent guy. Couldnt believe it when I seen, still can’t. Always in everyones thoughts. Rest in Peace Chris. Love Holroyd xxx

  29. The Baylem family says:

    Loved and missed by everyone. Remembered today and always. Your love ,sense of fun and that lovely smile are forever with us. Love from Pat,Andy,Vicky,Frankie,and Alex. xxxx

  30. Elizabeth says:

    Remembering you on your birthday, Chris. God bless you x x x

  31. Elaine, Matt, Becks and Lou says:

    Chris our friend. Always missed and talked about often in our house. Your memory lives on in all of us … Especially letting Becks kick your butt at “butt head” .. Such a kind person who will always be a member of our family xxxx we miss you our dear friend :0( xxx

  32. Laura says:

    I miss your smile, your laugh, your hugs, your arguments, your optimism, your insightfulness, your strength, your presence and the part of you that was mine. But mostly I am grateful that because of your memory I can get through each day knowing how proud of us all you would be. Love you forever, mum xxx

  33. Louise says:

    Words don’t seem enough. What a lovely lad and an amazing family! Bless you all xxx

  34. happy says:

    Light up the heaven and earth cs u brought light to your loved ones even though I never met u Justine is a wonderful person. I believe you were as well..

  35. Jake says:

    Not enough room here really! I’m a better person for knowing you, Jus is the person she is because of you. Even in death you have brought people together, made friendships stronger and your family closer and tighter than before. Your memory will outlast us all. X

  36. Alannah says:

    So much of today has been about remembering the good times of the past, but you’re also part of all our futures. In the way you inspire people to grab every chance, in the new friendships that have been forged through this tragedy and through your amazing family and our amazing friends, you’ll always live on. Happy birthday Macdaddy! xxx

  37. Steve and Maria Maydell says:

    Raising a beer in your honour Chris! You were a dear friend and we’ll never forget you.

  38. Kat Crean says:

    The best tribute I can think of is to live my life the way you did, to the absolute maximum. Your adventurous spirit inspires me everyday. Thanks for keeping me safe on my travels…my Saint Christopher xx

  39. Ben says:

    Been lovely to read all the messages people have put on here and the cards and flowers at the grave and at 27. You are a hero to us all Chris.
    When we were young you walked in my footsteps, now I strive to walk in yours. Ben

  40. Hannah Carlin says:

    I will never forget ‘the car’…best moves I have ever seen by far!! Lots of love xxx

  41. Katy B says:

    Feeling exactly the same as Justine the bitterest sunday there ever was.. miss you soo much what I wouldn’t give for one more hangover with you. Happy 30th rugs the brightest star in the sky xx

  42. Shaun Birch says:

    Although I am Benet’s friend from Uni, Chris was always a breath of fresh air. He was a kind, thoughtful and happy young man. My thoughts are always with the McManus family who are a loving and inspiriational family.

  43. Bernie Ryan says:

    Always an adventurer, an explorer and someone who lived a full, exciting short life that ended so unfairly.
    You’re an inspiration Chris.
    Happy 30th Birthday
    Missing you
    x x x x x x x

  44. Nigel Ryan says:

    I remember the sweetest little boy. Full of fun, full of love. He grew into the sweetest, gentlest man I’ve ever met. He is a credit to his mum and dad, brother and sister and huge, huge, loving extended family. Our thoughts, prayers and love are with him and all his family on his 30th birthday. Xxx.

  45. jus says:

    I’m having the bitterest of all Sunday’s. Miss you more everyday. Life just isn’t the same without you to share it with. Xxx

  46. Holly says:

    It was such a privilege to have met you chris, you were the kindest, most gentle person with never a bad word to say about anyone. I will always cherish the time we spent in New Zealand, you were such great fun, there was never a dull moment (other than when you all fell asleep and let me drive back to Auckland with just the radio for company!) and its thanks to you that I jumped out of that plane! Tomorrow is your birthday and I hope you have a great day, I will have a drink to you! Happy birthday chris! I’m so thankful that we met and that I was lucky enough to be able to call you my friend! X

  47. Claire Nixon says:

    Chris, you were an intrinsic part of my childhood. Growing up, whenever the McCanns visited Oldham (which seemed to be the vast majority of the time, somehow), it was always you, Ben, Juss and me together. As I got older, I was thrilled that we shared the same taste in music and I could tag along to nights out in Oldham, watching bands and dancing in the Castle. I met my beloved Tom through you, and there was a golden time of good craic and family gatherings in the years before you went to work away.
    I miss being able to talk to you, get your opinion on things. I treasure the memories of times we spent together, like the last night I saw you: we had a great laugh and I had looked forward to times in the future when we could do it again, and often. I thought you would always be there.
    In losing you, the fabric of our family has lost a precious thread; it is richer for you being in it , and, I think it is now woven tighter and stronger than ever before. I hope you knew that we would pull together and it brought you some peace.
    Your thread runs through us all so you will never truly be gone.

  48. Nicola, Scott & boys Chambers says:

    Chris, I have so many wonderful, happy childhood memories from our family times together. As adults the happy times continued. We will always have beautiful memories of you. Your kindness, thoughtfulness, love for life and bravery will live on forever in our hearts and minds.

  49. Pat and Andrew says:

    Chris, You will always be remembered by the Baylems with love and affection.We have lots of memories of fun times shared by our two families over the years to treasure .Not a day goes by without you being in our thoughts.xxxxxx

  50. Jacqui Wright says:

    I remember working with Chris at The Puckersley many years ago…he must have been 16 I think. Lovely shy lad (so I thought) then shocked us all by announcing he was doing a gap year in New Zealand!! Fast forward a few years and I remember having a few great nights with Chris at the Castle but he was always interested in seeing something of the world….greatly missed….

  51. Tina & Family says:

    Chris, I remember the little lad I used to take to school and still think of you every time I pass a certain house along the way…….. happy memories of you that will last a lifetime.

  52. Fleur says:

    I held you in my child arms
    when to this world you came.
    A baby in a young girl’s grasp.
    My heart thrilled by my new cousin.
    I watched you grow into a bright, young man
    excited by adventures.
    And then you were gone.
    All darkness. All silent. All rage. All Hell.
    My adult arms reach for that embrace again
    My once thrilled heart now broken.
    My baby cousin lost.

    For you we will keep smiling though
    For you we will grow stronger.
    To find happiness,
    To have adventure
    To love and be loved.
    Knowing even though we cannot wrap our loving arms around you.
    You are always alive in our hearts.

  53. Eileen Carroll says:

    We will always remember your lovely smile and what an amazing young man you were and still are in Heaven ,your forever in our thoughts and prayers R.I.P.Chris xxxx

  54. Alison Davies says:

    So many happy memories of times shared together ! Babysitting duties for you and Ben and Jus were so much fun – and Sue and I got paid for it!! We’d have done it for free we both loved it so much !! Trips to the pictures, fun with kruklocks, the list goes on!! Another huge gap left in our family – but we shall rebuild slowly piece by piece and then the memories of you will be with laughter and not years!!! Love and miss you always xxxx

  55. Michaela & Craig says:

    A wonderful young man , who loved life . and most of all his family xx

  56. Fiona says:

    I can remember the day you moved into the close with your family. Babysitting for you, Ben and Jus whilst your Mum and Dad went playing badminton! A delightful young boy who turned into a great young man!

  57. Stephen says:

    Still think of the wee Tractor Boy. In the midst of it all with the other kids.
    Funny, kind-hearted, you helped to put Claire and Tom together. You are sorely missed, rest easy, Chris.
    Uncle Steve.

  58. Kevin and Lynne says:

    We remember Chris as always smiling and laughing. An inspiration to us all.

  59. Liam says:

    No more tales of Gorbeys and Runners.
    No more stories about the Royton Town Hall clock.
    Top raconteur!
    A joy to have known you.
    Cruelly taken, way too soon.


  60. Alannah says:

    Mac, everyday you inspire me to live life to the full. You did so much in such a short a time and though losing you will never become easier, I know that you’ll come on all my adventures and make sure I make the most of every moment. Xxx

  61. Kelly says:

    A lovely young man taken too soon. I remember you used to eat raw eggs because of your running and it used to make me giggle (and cringe) and how me and Jus used to watch movies in your bedroom and you would shout at us!!! RIP Chris, sleeping with the angels now! Love Kelly

  62. Cath Rafferty says:

    A happy go lucky, playful little boy
    A lovely teenager
    A very handsome lovely young man
    Your spirit lives on Chris xxx

  63. Ciaran says:

    It’s still hard to comprehend a loss so great. Honoured to have known you. A wonderful man, always a smile, miss you so much. Never saying goodbye

  64. Elizabeth Garside says:

    I knew you as my two sons’ mate.
    I have heard many funny tales about you, and seen many photos of you obviously having a good time.
    You have left behind a wonderful family who love and miss you more every day. I wish I could wave a magic wand and bring you back where you belong. God bless, Chris x x x

  65. Rhiannon says:

    I’m so glad to have met you and you never failed to make us all laugh. You have a lot of friends who love you to bits and I would have loved to get to know you a lot better as I heard a lot of good things about you from my boyfriend (Paul Garside) and the rest of them. You are truly missed and you’re always mentioned whenever we’re all together. May you rest peacefully.

  66. Baz says:

    So many happy memories of a friendship I will never forget or have again. The hurt of losing you will never go away. Every day you are in my thoughts and that will never change mate, wish you were here.

  67. Bernie says:

    So many happy memories when you were with us and so many sad ones now you’ve gone.

  68. Jus says:

    Miss you more everyday Chris.
    Wish you were here to share more good times with us all, I’m so glad we had so many together before you we’re taken…those memories will never be tainted. X

  69. Katy B says:

    The pain of losing the love of my life will never go away but the amazing and happy memories are how I will hold you in my heart.
    I miss you every day rugs. Every time I do something I look above as all I want to do is make you proud.
    My tribute is a huge thanks because through meeting you and your amazing family I have been blessed and inspired.
    Love forever Katy xxx

  70. Mum says:

    My beautiful son, to never hold or touch you again, to never hear your voice or be excited by your plans and not be able to share your future hurts more than I could have imagined.
    My memories are bittersweet and will be cherished and held close to my heart forever.

  71. Ben says:

    Miss you bro